5 Very Creepy Videos Of Ghosts Caught On Camera

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5 Very Creepy Videos Of Ghosts Caught On Camera

This is part 2 of my ghosts caught on camera series.

Here are 5 very creepy videos of paranormal activity caught on camera. which one was the creepiest?

Music used - Composer - Jake LaVallee, Owner of http://uncopyrightedmusic.net Suspenseful and Victorious Underscore.

Huge thanks to Steve Huff https://www.youtube.com/user/huffparanormal (SLS video)
& https://www.youtube.com/user/AlejandroInAustin (EVP)


In this video we take a look at 5 very creepy videos that show paranormal activity.

Number 1.

Spirit Caught on SLS Camera.

An SLS camera, which stands for structured light sensor, is a camera that scans an environment and detects thermal temperature, light frequency and ultrasonic distance all in real time. The camera was used on the 10th season of the tv show Ghost Hunters and has become very popular with paranormal investigators. This video was uploaded to YouTube in 2014 by the user named Huff Paranormal, who claims to have experienced a lot of paranormal activity in his house. This is one of his sessions using the SLS camera.

Number 2.
Ghost at Disneyland.
In this clip, that was first uploaded to YouTube in 2009 we can see a ghostly figure casually walking through a Disney land park after hours. The figure First strolls down the walkway, then walks straight through a gate and later proceeds to walk on water. There are many theories as to what this figure might be, but what do you think?

Number 3.
Little Ghost Girl.
In 2013, a group of paranormal investigators went aboard the USS Hornet ship in California. The ship is said to be one of the most haunted warships in the American Navy. The USS Hornet was decommissioned in 1970 and in 1998 it was opened to the public. It is said that many very strange accidents occurred on board and hundreds of people lost their lives. it is also said to have had the most suicides of any ship in the Navy. This is a very creepy EVP that was recorded in 2013 by the channel Dead Explorer, as soon as one of the female investigators starts speaking, we can hear what clearly sounds like a young girl talking back.

Number 4.
The Blockbuster Ghost.
This is surveillance footage that was captured in a blockbuster video store in mexico. We can see an employee as he works a late shift and stacks dvd's on shelves, however an unseen entity has different ideas.

Number 5.
The Ghost in The Attic.
A man comes home and finds his dog acting very strange, she seems to be very afraid of something and is hiding under the bed. He then see's his cat who is looking up at the ceiling and seems to be sensing something as well. The man hears a loud bang coming from his attic, and decides to go and investigate. He leaves his camera running and was not expecting what was about to happen next.
Caught on Camera
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