Ghost Caught On Camera Haunting House In Ireland

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Real Ghost Video, Ghost in Girl's House in Ireland. Creepy ghost sighting caught on tape.

Ashy Murphy of Cork Ireland claims she has been able to capture an almost 2 minute video on her phone, proof that ghosts really do exist and apparently they don't like her.

Her video was uploaded to youtube on September 14 and has since been viewed over 250,000 times.

The video opens with what is apparently Ashy standing in her kitchen and the light hanging from the ceiling is rocking back and forth.
We then follow the action as an invisible force moves about her kitchen opening the bread box and cabinet doors.

Another video was soon posted to her Facebook and Youtube accounts. This one has been viewed over 800,000 times. The video on Facebook was posted along with an update saying that things are getting worse, and she definitely...oops sorry.. she defo have to move house. I'm assuming that means... lets get the eff out!
Someone even suggested she bring in the big guns and ask a vicar to come spread some holy water.

Whatever it is that possesses her house has ramped it up a bit and seems a bit more angry and violent.
I'm beginning to think the ghost just wants her to clean up and do the damn dishes.
The video finishes off rather dramatically with a red basket violently sliding across the floor towards young woman.

And then again on October 2nd, Ms. Murphy updated her Facebook page with another video along with a status that expresses her increasing frustration with the situation.

Once again, whatever is going on in Ms. Murphy's house has increased its activity and violence.
Towards the end of the video, the music that's been playing the entire time all of a sudden stops as hear thumps coming from another part of the house.
As she pans the camera around the kitchen, you realize that the power in the entire house has been turned off.
Ms. Murphy then suddenly takes off down a dark hallway towards what looks like the front door.
This is that point in the scary movie where the music builds up and when she opens the door.
That happens
After watching this, I was amazed that maybe someone had finally caught real footage of a ghost or poltergeist in action.
She has a lot of believers, but she also has people calling it fake and she doesn't respond or even deny the claims.
So Is this a real ghost trying to reach out towards Ashley or a young woman trying to become famous on the internet making youtube videos like me.

Well the skeptic in me picked up on some very questionable things.

#1 Ms. Murphy in every video places herself in just one corner of the room and seemingly and rather easily follows the action as it moves in a pretty predictable pattern around her. Pretty much left to right, or even clockwise. This makes it seem a lot less random.

Second there is always loud music playing the background. Could be just likes playing loud music late at night alone, or it could be an attempt to cover any possible noises made by accomplices moving about the room and helping her perpetuate this hoax.

And then the thing I find the most strange. For someone who is fed up, scared and stressed out.
During each recorded event Ms. Murphy never commented on anything that was happening around her.
In fact, she seems to be pretty calm for someone all alone in the middle of nowhere as she claims.
All I know is if this was happening to me, there is now way I could remain this calm. You wouldn't be able to shut me up, I would be cussing non-stop and this video would be just one 2 minute long beep.
So I took a deeper look into the first video and that's when I saw some really fishy things. line!
Fishing line is a staple in any magicians supply drawer, its how they make things fly.
In video 1, right around the 1:40 mark you catch something glistening in the air.
No its not ectoplasm, as you can clearly see, its fishing line.
In Video 2
Around the :46 mark, right before the bread box opens and slides across the counter top if you pay close attention to the black bottle on the window sill, you can see it as well as dishes move just before. This is caused by the fishing line coming into contact with the other objects as its being tugged.
And then that dramatic ending where the red laundry basket comes shooting across the room at her.
Well if you look really closely, you can once again see the glistening of fishing line as it pulls the bucket across the room...and at the very end. Its as if they didn't go to much trouble to hide the line at all.
No reason to go into video 3, once the first video was discredited integrity goes out the window on all 3. I just went through #2 to prove the point.
Well will she become as internet famous as she hopes?
Good luck Ashley! You have to try a little harder than that.
Caught on Camera
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