Giant Scorpion Scare Prank

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Big thanks to Mr. Safety For letting me use his props. Check out his new Channel

Cory and Jay set up a sign on a path that read.
DANGER (How to avoid death claw scorpions)
The key to avoiding these dangerous scorpions is knowing how to find them. These Scorpions are extremely aggressive and highly venomous. They commonly dwell in the upper branches of old Oak trees. When hunting, they drop onto their pray, latch on and strike repeatedly until the victim succumbs to the venom. Look at the ground! If you notice a fair amount of shredded bark, then chances are they may be living in the tree above you. If you see this, move away from the tree immediately and warn others!

When someone became curios, Jay would drop the giant scorpion down with a rope and scare the curiosity right out of them.

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Music By Nathan Wills
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